With nearly 40 different works from over 30 different artists available to see and purchase, the Cedartown Performing Arts Center has made dreams come true with their new “Winter Dreams” art gallery.

Locals have been free to browse the various paintings and sculptures since November 18, but the gallery’s December 14 reception offered the chance to view the works later at night, dine on refreshments while doing so, and to speak to some of the contributing artists.

Susan Waters, whose “O Holy Night” exhibit is featured at the gallery alongside the other 40 works, could be seen mingling with guests, and local artist James Dingler was nice enough to answer questions about the various paintings he created.

“Winter Dreams” was originally designed to encompass the winter season, but the presence of various works such as Waters’ sculptures and Dingler’s acrylics in the same gallery is demonstrative of how the exhibit evolved to include works of all styles and contents.

“Originally, we wanted to do a themed show, and it was gonna be all encompassing of the winter season,” CPAC Director Oscar Guzman said. “I got a little concerned it wouldn’t pan out the right way – especially since we announced it maybe three months before. So, we changed it to be open to anything.”

With paintings of snowy forests on display down the hall from warm, sunny islands, this melting pot of art was immediately evident.

The gallery featured everything from a recreation of Van Ghogh’s “Starry Night” to abstract portraits of people and everything in between.

However, the exhibit doesn’t distinguish itself solely through the types of works displayed. “Winter Dreams” offers a smaller, more intimate art experience than some of the larger scale galleries the CPAC has done in the past.

“This is a more intimate gallery because it’s only Susan’s exhibit and 30 artists,” Guzman said. “I think there may be 40 odd pieces of art on this side, which is very different from what we usually do. The gallery in March has over 300 works. It is pretty intimate, so I’m glad to see the crowds are still coming out and seeing it. It’s the highest traffic we’ve had as far as during normal viewing hours.”

It’s not too late to contribute to that traffic, either. The gallery will continue during the CPAC’s regular hours until later on January 6 when the exhibit closes. Those interested in private tours or similar viewing experiences have those options available.

“We are open to private tours, so if someone wants to see it Saturday or bring a church group on Sunday, we can accommodate that,” Guzman explained. “It’s just a matter of calling and setting up an appointment. That’s a free service.”

Many of the items were, and still are, available to purchase. As Guzman mentioned, approximately 80 percent of the sales go to the artist and the remaining 20 percent is donated to the gallery. Those interested in making a purchase can do so at any viewing session.

More details about the Cedartown Performing Arts Center, Cedartown shows, and galleries like “Winter Dreams” can find more information by visiting https://cedartownshows.com/.

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