The number of COVID-19 cases didn't see any movement over the weekend, but the first report of the day - and of June - shows just an increase of one. 

Polk County now has 119 people who have tested positive for the virus since mid-March, with no new increases of hospitalizations or deaths over the weekend locally. 

Statewide, the numbers continue to rise. Georgia now has reached 47,496 cases of the virus out of 562,815 tests administered. That has required 8,033 hospitalizations and 1,797 admissions to intensive care since tracking began in late February. 

Sadly, Georgia has lost 2,055 people to the virus over the past months as well. 

Figures in Polk County remained flat as the number of COVID-19 cases stayed at 118 from Friday night, May 29 through Monday morning, June 1. 

That was after a week where cases went up by at least five per day locally, likely due in part to the Polk County Health Department now offering free testing for the novel coronavirus for local residents. 

Cases continue to grow around the area. Bartow County now has 478 of its residents who have tested positive for COVID-19, and out of that 136 of those people have required hospital care. There have been 39 deaths from the virus so far in Bartow, which leads the region in case figures. 

The state figures for Paulding County put the total cases at 328, with 69 people who have required hospital care from the virus, and 11 deaths. Floyd County to the north has 265 cases of COVID-19 reported, with 43 of those people requiring hospital stays for treatment. 15 people have died from the virus in Floyd. 

Haralson County increased by one case to 43, remained at 11 hospitalizations but added a death to their figures to bring the number to three over the weekend. 

Where the Department of Public Health was publishing figures three times a day through the past weeks, it has shifted policy and will only be reporting numbers once a day. That is the same procedure that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention follows, in hopes to "improve data quality and accuracy." 

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