The number of COVID-19 cases grew by another six in the past 24 hours in Polk County, bringing the total up to 107 positives at midweek. 

Polk County's total number of hospitalizations remained at 13 after an increase, and only one death has been reported by the Georgia Department of Public Health. 

The state posted a figure of 44,638 people who have COVID-19, out of 518,591 total tests taken across Georgia. Out of the positives, there have been 7,745 people hospitalized and reported 1,753 intensive care admissions since the end of February. 

Sadly, the death toll from the virus stood at 1,933 for the evening report from the Department of Public Health at midweek. 

Around the area, the figures increased as well. Some 458 people have tested positive in Bartow County, with 135 hospitalizations and 38 deaths. In Paulding County, there were now 305 confirmed cases with 66 hospitalizations and 11 deaths. 

Floyd County posted 253 positive cases of COVID-19, with 43 hospitalizations and 15 deaths. Southward in Haralson County, there were now 40 positive cases, with 11 hospitalizations and two deaths. 

COVID-19 now has caused 99,031 deaths across the United States, with 1,678,843 people who have tested positive. 

Governor Brian Kemp is expected to provide a new update on the situation in Georgia alongside Dr. Kathleen Toomey, Commissioner, Georgia Department of Public Health; Homer Bryson, Director, Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency; Adjutant General Tom Carden, Georgia National Guard. 

The Thursday afternoon press conference scheduled for 4 p.m. is being held in the State Capitol once again. 

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