Polk County added another cases of COVID-19 to the number of positives to start the week, and remained that way through the morning update. 

The number of people who have tested positive for the virus jumped to 80 on May 18 and remained there through the morning update from the Georgia Department of Public Health. Thus far, the virus has sent 12 people to the hospital locally, and no deaths have yet been reported. 

Statewide, the tally sat at 38,624 people who have been found to have COVID-19, out of the 378,156 tests administered since the DPH began tracking the spread of the virus. It has required some 7,002 hospitalizations statewide and out of that sent 1,584 people into intensive care treatment, and been the cause of 1,649 deaths as of the morning update on May 19. 

Numbers also jumped again around Polk County during the latest update. Bartow County now reports 407 cases of COVID-19, with 130 hospitalizations and 35 deaths. Paudling remained at 241 positives for the virus as of the morning update, with 59 hospitalizations and 10 deaths. 

Northward in Floyd County, the numbers also jumped to 187 cases during the latest update, with 43 hospitalizations and 13 deaths. Southward in Haralson County, the figures remained at 34 cases, with nine hospitalizations and two deaths. 

Nationwide as of May 18, figures stood at 1,480,349 positive tests for COVID-19 according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, with 89,407 deaths reported from the virus. 

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