An employee of the Paulding County District Attorney’s office that is part of the series of events that led to the indictment of Paulding DA Dick Donovan on Wednesday was arrested in late 2017 by Cedartown Police for shoplifting.

The arrest is connected to the indictments as it was the ensuing case Donovan allegedly tried to have dismissed in Cedartown Municipal Court by bribing the prosecutor at the time.

The woman, Jamie White, was arrested on Oct. 14, 2017, according to Polk County Jail reports.

A statement from the City of Cedartown describes that White’s case was ultimately dismissed as part of a pre-trial diversion program frequently used in the case of first time offenders.

“The individual who prosecuted the case is no longer the city solicitor and has not been for several years,” the statement said.

Donovan is accused of committing bribery when he dismissed a criminal case in Paulding County Superior Court in which the defendant was being represented by the prosecutor of the municipal court.

In exchange, according to Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr, Donovan was trying to influence the prosecutor to dismiss the shoplifting case in the Cedartown court that was pending against a woman who worked in his office.

Donovan was indicted by a Paulding County grand jury Wednesday for bribery, two counts of false swearing and violating his oath of office.

The indictment also alleged that Donovan lied in a sworn statement he made during an investigation into whether he was sexually harassing White. Specifically, the indictment alleges Donovan lied when he denied “ever having said that he wanted to have sex” with her and that he lied when he denied “describing his fantasies desiring to be physical” with her.

The indictment also alleges Donovan violated his oath of office when he committed bribery.

A judge will issue a warrant for Donovan’s arrest, Carr spokesperson Katie Byrd said. No date has been set for his arraignment.

White filed a suit in federal court against Donovan, the county, and the state’s Prosecuting Attorneys Council in 2019 after filing a formal complaint earlier that year.

That suit said that for a two-year period starting in 2017, Donovan told White he was in love with her, gave her unwanted hugs and kisses, sent her personal text messages and emails, gave her unwanted gifts, forced her into private meetings and described sexual fantasies involving her and his desire to have sex with her.

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