Polk County Chamber of Commerce

The Polk County Chamber of Commerce has a membership increasing plan that involves skydiving, grilling hot dogs, and hitting staff members with pies.

Polk County’s Commerce Chamber is a not-for-profit organization with the goal of supplying information, resources, and development to local businesses, education, government and industry. The chamber has 285 members counting businesses and individuals, but with such an important responsibility in their hands, the chamber has set up a family feud-styled rivalry to bring in more members.

The two teams are Team Britt, with team leader Britt Madden Jr.; and Team Cody, with team leader Cody Nichols.

These teams, determined by each leader’s pick from the rest of the board at the April Chamber meeting.

Each team has been tasked with recruiting at least 40 new members, though as of the last board meeting earlier in the month of May had only one new member signed up for each team.

Team members can recruit any way they see fit. From word of mouth to advertising, as long as a new person joins the Chamber it counts for the team; however, the group that fails to bring in forty members will be forced to watch as their team captain is vanquished by a pie in the face.

Alternatively, if both or neither teams meet their quota, the team with the highest new member count will be saved from the wrath of the pie.

The loser and pie victim will be decided on June 1st at Skydive Spaceland where grilled hot dogs and lemonade will also be served. Skydive Spaceland- a member of the Commerce Chamber- graciously agreed to host the event.

Alongside the opportunity to see one of Polk’s major tourist attractions, chow down on food, and witness a pie attack, citizens will have a golden opportunity to interact with the chamber and help to enrich the quality of the city.

While the feud may be over on the 1st, citizens can enroll to the chamber at any time.

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