CEDARTOWN — A Cedartown woman faces multiple charges including accusations she led two law enforcement agencies on a lengthy chase.

The pursuit ended after a responding Cedartown police officer fired shots into the vehicle driven by 56-year-old Theresa Elizabeth Spain, according to a City of Cedartown press release.

The release stated that the officer fired the shots in self defense and no one was injured during the incident.

According to the release:

Pursuit of the individual began around 11 p.m. Saturday after a 911 call reported a burgundy Ford Explorer driving recklessly and harassing other motorists in the area of U.S. 27 and the Floyd County line.

While patrolling, Cedartown officers spotted a vehicle matching the description of the 911 call. The vehicle was driving with no headlights in the area of Jule Peek Avenue. A traffic stop was attempted, but according to reports, the driver ran a red light. Additional officers reported to the scene and tried to box in the Explorer.

The driver was able to maneuver around the patrol cars, and led the officers on a chase down Main Street, U.S. 27, Davis Road, Shifflett Road, and a privately-owned gravel driveway. The Explorer struck a patrol vehicle as it fled, driving eastbound and ending up back on Davis Road.

According to reports, the Explorer came to a brief stop. During this time, three officers approached the SUV to break the window in an unsuccessful effort to remove the driver from the vehicle.

Another officer drew his service weapon and instructed the driver to get out of the vehicle. That officer reported hearing the Explorer’s engine rev. According to the report, the suspect “gave the vehicle so much gas, the tires were spinning and the engine was revving loudly.”

The report states that the driver aimed the vehicle at the officer and began to drive towards him at a high rate of speed. In fear for his own safety, and the other officers on the scene, the officer fired three rounds in the driver side of the Explorer. The driver was not hit by the bullets.

Officers stated that the Explorer ran the red light at Davis Road and U.S. 27 and continued down the highway, driving past the Dollar General Market. Officers again tried to box in the vehicle, but the driver struck a patrol car, breaking off the mirror.

Officers were able to get in front of the Explorer and again attempted to block it in on North Main Street.The Explorer then drove onto the sidewalk and struck the same patrol car again.

The vehicle eventually came to a stop near Cedartown Middle School where Spain was captured.

Because an officer’s weapon was discharged, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation was notified immediately. Cedartown Police Department administration was also notified of the incident, as well as the Georgia State Patrol.

The incident is currently an open case and is being handled by the Cedartown Police Department.

Spain is charged with one count of headlight requirements, four counts of aggravated assault, failure to maintain lane, improper stopping in a roadway, two counts failure to obey traffic control device, three counts of felony interference with government property, failure to yield to emergency vehicle, obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers, fleeing or attempting to elude, DUI and reckless driving.

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