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With easing of restrictions, the City of Cedartown has been working out ways to allow people back into outdoor spaces while keeping in mind the requirements for social distancing. 

During the May session of the Cedartown Commission, City Manager Bill Fann provided a glimpse at what those plans look like - assuming that state orders don't interrupt their plans. 

Peek Park is the first of the city's facilities that will be reopening to the public, but on a limited basis and keeping social distancing rules in place. Fann said that signage will be posted providing guidance for people to use the common walking areas on sidewalks, the pavilion for those who want to come and eat, and the resurfaced tennis courts when park access is officially allowed again. 

He said the city is looking as soon as Friday to allow people to come back to the park. 

Though much of the space will be allowed to reopen, Fann did say that because of the lack of resources to keep the playground and bathrooms clean, those parts of the park will remain closed. He also added that anyone who wants to use the pavilion will have to keep their distance and limit their time within the area. No large groups will be permitted to gather in the park. 

Peek Park so far is the only city facility that is set to open back up this month. It joins the walking track at the Nathan Dean Sports Complex and Aragon's walking track at Pittman Park and the Mill Pond as local spaces that are opening back up. 

"Everything else is going to remain closed until we can figure out how to open our facilities safely and within the proper guidelines," he said. 

A tentative date to reopen city hall is also set for on or around June 1, Fann said. Plans are still in the works on how to safely allow for public access while ensuring staff health and safety, and that additional supplies of personal protective equipment are coming to provide additional protections for those who need to come to city hall. 

Fann said that opening up additional offices within the city will have to be considered as the situation develops heading into this summer.

He is encouraging people to take advantage of their use of online payments to ensure they are keeping up with bill payments and contacting the city for guidance and help. Visit to continue to follow along with city plans and guidance on openings as the information becomes available. 

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