Bojangles on Cedartown

Demolition on the old Cedartown Bojangles started today following the restaurant's closure ahead of the new store location opening next door. 

Store owner Mitch Abney hopes to open before Sept. 12

Fans of Bojangles in Cedartown will have to wait a few more weeks before they can get their traditional biscuit in the morning, but it's the hope of store owner Mitch Abney to get it done well ahead of the planned Sept. 12 date of re-opening. 

Sunday was the final day the old restaurant on North Main Street was open, and it'll  be replaced by a new store being built just next door once the work is completed. 

Abney said that initially his hopes were to remodel the Bojangles, but that it would have been too costly. 

"I had to get a bigger building," he said. "I couldn't really renovate the old building because the original infrastructure was in places it would have been too costly to replace. I would have needed to rip up the floors to get to the plumbing, for instance, and that would have cost a lot." 

Light demolition on the old store began today after utility companies came out to shut down power, water and gas to the old store, with full demolition expected to be completed by the end of the week. 

Following that, Abney said his hopes are that workers will fly through the rest of what's needed to be done so he can re-open as fast as possible. 

"We're sorry that we've caused any inconvenience with our customers and the community," Abney said. "We're trying our best to get up and running with the new store as soon as possible." 

Abney said that he wants to re-open not only to get back to business, but also so that he can see all the regular customers who come in daily that he considers a part of his extended family. 

"This city and county has been great for us over the years," he said. 

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