Last minute back-to-school shopping can be found at Rockmart stores

School is starting back up this week, and that means it’s getting time to get all those supplies students need when they are heading back to the class that a teacher and the school district simply can't afford to provide. .

Some of the local stores around the area have put their display on sell this week to help the parents out with school shopping.

Helping Hands Thrift store, which is located on 107 Church Street in Rockmart, is having a half off sale on all items on Wednesday excluding items below a dollar.

The store has a large variety of children's and teens clothes such as jackets, jeans, dresses, t-shirts, and sweaters.

Their prices range from $1 up to $4 without the half price sale included.

Gaynell Scott is the manager of the store and is the one who monitors all the products that come into store.

“All of the Items in the store are donated to us by the community, but that does not mean that we do not try and provide the best selection for our customers,” said Scott, “Most items in the store are in well condition.”

For the book readers going back to school, the store has a large variety of novels and paperbacks That fill the back room which consists of only bookshelves full on every shelf. Some of the prices range depending on the book on its size and weather its paperback; these prices range from 50 cents to five dollars and will be half off on Wednesday.

This store is apart of the Helping Hands Ministry and all proceeds that go into the store help fund the food bank which is located behind the dollar general or beside the new city hall. This means all profits from the store are put back into the community to help out the ones in need of food.

Another local store that's participating in a sale next week is What’s New Consignment Boutique. The store will be having a 75 percent off sale on clothing items and accessories in summer merchandise for the entire week.

The store is located on 119 South Marble Street Rockmart, and they are open Tuesday through Saturday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Denise Bell has been the owner of the store for the past 13 years and is the main decider on what is sold in her store. With it being a Consignment shop she has more position to decide on what clothes she puts out on display unlike a typical thrift store.

What's New has a wide variety of women's clothes and boys clothes for great prices ,but the store does have a larger selection for the women's clothing.

The store also has a great selection of shoes that are in well condition for both genders.

“We sell the same clothes that you would find at a retail store ,but at a third of the cost.” said Bell, “Most items you find in here will either be new or perfect because we don't accept clothes with marks on them.”

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