A group of senior Polk County high school students traveled to Dallas earlier this month to compete in the annual 4-H District Cottonboll and Consumer Judging Jamboree.

The Polk County 4-H representatives placed sixth overall as a team, with Minnes Smith placing in the top 20 overall and the rest of the team placed in the top 30 individually.

Making up the team were Makenzie Droege, Summer Gonzalez, Edward McAlister, Lashenia King, Shawna Rocha, Anna Prince, and Minnes Smith.

The objectives of Cottonboll and Consumer Judging are:

-To understand the importance of cotton as an agricultural commodity

-To promote cotton in communities

To make knowledgeable, rational decisions when purchasing goods and services

-To select, use, maintain and dispose of goods and services in ways that maximize resources

-To obtain clothing, goods and services to meet needs and reflect lifestyles, personal values and goals

-To act as responsible consumer-citizen with an understanding of the rights and responsibilities of the consumer, business and government

-To learn to communicate reasons for choices made

To prepare, the 4-H’ers had to attend six training classes to learn about bicycles, athletic shoes, frozen meals and cell phone plans, and cotton. Each class taught facts about the products to help the 4-H’ers to become better consumers.

The 4-H’ers also had to prepare and present a 90-second public service announcement about cotton.

The Polk County team was coached by 4-H Program Assistant Dora Williams and Certified Coaches and Adult Volunteer’s Shannon Williams Ridgeway and Grace Prince.


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