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Recently confirmed cases of COVID-19 are causing some shifts in both instructional and athletic procedures for some Polk School District students.

According to district officials, students in some Polk School District elementary school classrooms in which a student tested positive for COVID-19 are now at home in quarantine, as are two Rockmart High School teachers who also tested positive.

Officials say three Cedartown High School football players who have tested positive, leading to a domino effect that has forced the Bulldogs to cancel their season opening game at Carrollton.

The players will have to go through a quarantine and acclimation period set forth by the Georgia High School Association, according to Assistant Superintendent Greg Teems. That period will include Sept. 4, the date of the Cedartown-Carrollton game, so the game was canceled.

In the meantime, Cedartown's football team has halted practice and have been advised to do a deep cleaning of the locker room and other shared areas by the players.

Teems said he did not know if the two schools could rescheduled the game for later in the season, but that they were closely monitoring any decisions that come from the GHSA that could affect fall sports.

Teems also confirmed that there were some elementary school classrooms that have had a student test positive for COVID-19.

Guidance from the state Department of Public Health instructs school systems to send an entire classroom home for a quarantine period if a student in the classroom tests positive for the virus.

Superintendent Laurie Atkins confirmed earlier Tuesday in an email that two Rockmart High School teachers had tested positive for the new coronavirus early Friday evening and are in quarantine.

She said that the teachers were very cautious during the first week of school and wore face masks and face shields, as well as teaching while staying 6 feet away from students.

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