Polk County pelted with string of severe storms

A Georgia Power employee assesses the damage to power lines after a tree fell on Tuck Street in Cedartown during storms that passed through Thursday afternoon. More than 3,000 customers in Polk County were without power at the height of the first severe storm that moved through around 12:30 p.m.

Polk County officials were still monitoring storms as they moved into the area late Thursday night after a day of severe storms that included heavy rains, wind, hail and possibly a tornado.

The day saw an afternoon storm roll through most of Polk County that led to widespread power outages and property damage but no major injuries. 

Polk County Emergency Management Director Randy Lacey said county public works crews worked all day to clear trees from across public roads.

Lacey said the only report they had of a person getting hurt as a result of the storm damage was a man who was hit by a tree limb as it fell through his house on Lees Chapel Road near Friendly Baptist Church Road just southeast of downtown Cedartown.

He said the man hurt his shoulder and was treated on the scene. He was not taken to a hospital.

Lacey also said they believe a tornado did touchdown around Cason Road across Tuck Street and over Lees Chapel Road during the lunchtime storm, which was the first of a series of severe storms that continued into the night.

"It has not been confirmed yet, but from the way the pine trees that fell were twisted and how narrow the area of destruction is it looks like a tornado," Lacey said.

Among the downed power lines and fallen trees, Lacey said three houses were "destroyed" while several others had various levels of damage because of fallen trees.

"We got in touch with the Red Cross immediately after the storm passed and they are in the process of helping those families who lost their homes," Lacey said, adding that they were put up in area hotels.

More than 3,000 Georgia Power customers in Polk County were without power at one point Thursday, and more than 1,400 still had no power as of 11:45 p.m., the majority in the western part of the county.

While there were no widespread reports of flooding, Lacey said they were aware of some high water on Long Station Road in Aragon but it was not reaching any residences at the moment.

Lacey said they would have a better idea of the full impact of Thursday's storms Friday morning.

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