County commission approves extra agreements for runway extension project

Polk County Manager Matt Denton explains the supplemental agreements that will move work forward on the extension of the runway at Cornelius Moore Field during a called meeting of the Polk County Commission on Tuesday, June 23.

More change orders and supplemental agreements for the runway extension project at Cornelius Moore Field were approved by the Polk County Commission during a special called meeting last Tuesday.

County Manager Matt Denton brought the items to the board with revised cost estimates based on revised pricing and the scope of the project, which began last June and is still in the first phase of a three phase plan.

The costs for the change orders will be funded by the state Department of Transportation and Holt Consulting, which is handling the project. All items were unanimously approved by the commission.

The runway extension is part of an effort by the state of Georgia to make improvements to metro-area and rural runways and facilities at 11 airports across the state. Former Gov. Nathan Deal came to Polk County in 2018 to sign the amended state budget that included much of the funding for the runway extension.

With a 5,000 foot runway, Cornelius Moore Field will be able to accommodate a greater number of aircraft, including small business jets.

A supplemental agreement with the Georgia Department of Transportation will fund the cleanup of mud and debris that occurred at the site of the extension last July. Two change orders with Astra Group, Inc., will allow them to continue work on the project with respect to the clean up and other fill and buffer work at the site.

Denton told the board they have come across some savings, but the change orders would increase the total amount of the project, with Holt obligated to cover the county’s portion of the increase, which is estimated to be $37,512.30.

In other news, a new landfill convenience center is opened near Aragon to replace the one that closed a few months ago.

The Prospect Road Convenience Center is located at 1683 Prospect Rd. near Aragon, just a couple hundred yards from the site of the former center. The entrance is across Prospect Road from Long Station Road.

The county runs five other convenience centers for use by county residents to dispose of household waste. All centers are open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

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