Gibson Priest

Gibson Priest

This summer has seen a multitude of differences to say the least. COVID-19 has affected everything one can image except the rodents that we deal with every summer.

To some, there may actually be more snake and bug siting’s than usual but this is because more people are home either teleworking or on quarantine.

Both snakes and insects are out and about with the changes in the weather, especially when it is not as hot out. The last few days have been very pleasant outside due to increased rainfall and the hurricane system coming in. However, when it feels pleasant outside to us, it also does to the pests we do not care to be around.

These cooler days are prime time for insects to be out swarming around and snakes to be slithering by.

The easiest way to try and decrease the chances that pests such as snakes and insects will be around your home is to not allow them shelter. Increase in rainfall has helped the insect population by allowing them a safe heaven and place to lay their eggs in abandoned tires or any place water is standing. Snakes also like dark, moist areas to hunt their prey, which can be anything from frogs and fish to even birds and rats.

If you have removed all the standing water and there are still insects around, a citronella candle or a pyrethroid insect spray may be required. If snakes are around, a quick survey of the area is needed. Is there tall grass or shrubbery, dark moist corners or even outbuildings that could be closed up? All of these can help prevent snakes from being around you and your family.

Finally, if all have been exhausted and there is still an insect, snake or other pest/rodent problem, a call to a local exterminator will be your best bet.

Never take a chance with anything that you are not comfortable with! Sure, most home problems can be dealt with in the home, but no matter if there is a spider or a snake, the last thing anyone needs is to be injured if they are not physically able to handle the problem.

If you have any questions regarding pest management, you are welcome to contact the extension office at 770-749-2142 or email

For more information and details on upcoming events, check out the Polk County Extension office on Facebook by searching “UGA Extension Polk County.”

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