One Cedartown boy works with his mother to try to help his community

Liam Matthews, 6, and his mother, Sarita Henderson, have performed good deeds in the community through the charity Liam’s Love.

When a Cedartown child saw the world reacting to a deadly pandemic, he had one thought.

He wanted to help people. No matter how big or how small, he wanted to put a smile on someone’s face.

So, as the COVID-19 pandemic gripped the nation, 6-year-old Liam Matthews worked with his mother, Sarita Henderson, to begin his own charity, Liam’s Love.

Henderson says that this charity has nothing to do with her. It’s all about Matthews and the heart of a child. Even something as small as a pie for an elderly person is an abundance of love. Liam wants to make people happy and this is his way of doing that.

“It’s just the everyday heart of a child. The desire to help people,” Henderson said.

Matthews, who is just finishing up first grade at Westside Elementary School, says his goal is to make people smile, and he was inspired by the news and commercials that came on during the height of the pandemic.

He knew that if other kids could help their communities, he could, too. And help he certainly has.

Matthews has brought pies to some of Cedartown’s elderly and homebound residents, donated money to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office’s Disaster Relief Team, and even donated socks to residents at the Cedar Valley Nursing and Rehab Center in Cedartown.

He says that he just “wants everyone to be happy for once.”

“I’d like to help people buy into the idea that with giving, it doesn’t matter how big or small. Sometimes we just cook some pies and take them to people. But at this point in time, there’s just a lot of people who are homebound, or going through something, and our idea is to give,” Henderson said.

“Like now there are more organizations that are giving more food to people. There’s more help than you’ve ever seen in the past. The pandemic brought out the good in people, and Liam would sit and watch TV and said that he wanted a charity to help people. And so him and his mama started to help people, even in the smallest manner, because sometimes people need to know that somebody cares.”

Matthews and his mother are planning their next big summer project- to help Cedartown’s homeless community. They hope that this can bring happiness and put a smile on some people’s faces.

“Our summer project is for the homeless community. We have a growing homeless community that we don’t really see in the city,” Henderson said.

She says that they have not planned any other projects since things come up often. When damaging storms came through Polk County in March, Liam’s Love donated to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office to help with storm victim relief.

Matthews says that in future projects, he wants to “make it where all the people I know are happy.”

With such a different source of charity than usual, Matthews and his mom provide a letter to the person or group they help explaining their work and how Liam’s Love got started.

“If you happen to receive something or see something with the symbol above on it, just know there’s a little boy pouring his heart out into the community,” reads the last line.

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