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A group of Polk County residents enrolled at the University of Alabama during the 2020 spring semester were recently named to the school’s Dean’s List or President’s List.

A student that makes the Dean’s List finishes the semester with an academic record of 3.5 or above. The President’s List is for students who finish with an academic record of 4.0, or the equivalent of all A’s.

Local residents who were named to the President’s List are:

Jaden Dingler of Cedartown, Matthew Kelley of Cedartown and Gabriela Lumpkin of Cedartown.

Local residents who were named to the Dean’s List are:

Jonathan Astin of Cedartown, Jodi Grace Kelley of Cedartown and Patricia Weatherwax of Rockmart.

The Alabama Dean’s and President’s lists recognize full-time undergraduate students. The lists do not apply to graduate students or to undergraduate students who take less than a full course load.

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