Stopping to say “thank you” to those who help people through a tough time is something that many groups have looked to do during the past six months.

That show of thanks and appreciation came to the Cedartown location of Harbin Clinic on Tuesday, Sept. 1, with physicians and nurses being treated to an afternoon of free ice cream from Frios and other giveaways.

They were also encouraged to to share their thoughts about working with the community during the current health emergency with COVID-19 becoming a worldwide pandemic since the first of the year.

“We probably don’t tell them enough how wonderful they are. It’s such a tough job, especially with all of the stuff with COVID,” said Dr. Todd Robinson, a family medicine physician at the Cedartown Harbin Clinic. “I think they are the unsung heroes. Because they have helped keep our office open. And without them, we don’t have an office. I hope things get better in the future, but it has been so tough.”

While Harbin Clinic isn’t able to get all of their healthcare providers together at one time for their usual employee appreciation celebration, they are taking it on the road and stopping at each of their 21 Northwest Georgia locations.

The “All In Together” employee appreciation program began last week and will run through the end of October, with every Harbin Clinic location having a dedicated celebration week where employees can expect a pop-up appreciation experience on-site and online to honor each department.

“Life and work looks strikingly different for everyone this year but showing appreciation for our dedicated and hardworking Harbin Clinic employees is extremely important to administration and physician leadership,” said Kenna Stock, Harbin Clinic CEO.

“Each department and team members serve as essential pieces of a puzzle that collaboratively make up what Harbin Clinic stands for — providing complete care for Northwest Georgia. Every employee serves and cares for the patients in our communities, and they deserve to be celebrated and honored. They are true healthcare heroes.”

Dr. Karen Eberhart, another family medicine physician at the Harbin Clinic location in Cedartown, said very often healthcare providers are so busy helping everyone else that they do feel unappreciated at times.

“I hope people are looking to us for answers, for the right thing to do for them and for others,” Eberhart said. “We look at the science and teach people what we know on how to take care of themselves and their loved ones.”

Robinson said he’s seen the Cedartown clinic grow in his 20 years with the location from just him to eight total providers and a new building at 14 Cherokee Rd.

“It’s grown into an amazing clinic. Harbin has been so supportive to help turn this into a place that really serves the community,” he said.

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