Speed Box on Round Pond

This speed detection box determined that Round Pond Road is the second-busiest street to be monitored, with Chattanooga Street being the busiest so far.

Motorists are starting to slow down in LaFayette, now that “speed boxes” are being positioned on certain busy streets.

City Manager David Hamilton and City Council member Beacher Garmany told Police Chief Bengie Clift that they had read about a certain type of radar detection being used in South Pittsburgh, Tenn. After taking a visit to the location it was decided that LaFayette could benefit from these particular speed detection devices.

Two speed boxes, otherwise known as radars, were purchased for $2,500 each by the city from England. They are solar-powered and waterproof. Each speed box is equipped with a screen that displays a happy or sad face, according to the speed of the vehicle that is registered by the radar.

These speed detection devices are considered to be highly accurate and are used to gather the data of traffic history and work as a speed deterrent. It can also be used to gauge traffic for events such as the Honeybee Festival or Johnny Cash Festival to see how many visitors come into the area for such events.

“This is some of smartest money we’ve ever spent,” Clift said.

The speed boxes are placed in a spot for 90 days. After statistics are compiled it is determined how many vehicles use the road in both directions and how many motorists are speeding.

So far, South Chattanooga Street has been the busiest street they have monitored, with Round Pond Road by LaFayette High School as the second busiest.

“We were shocked to learn how many people use some of these roads each day,” Clift said.

Police Chief Clift would like to invite any concerned citizens to please contact them via Facebook for any ideas on the next location of the radar device for data collection and encourage safety on LaFayette roadways.

Mary Catherine O’Bryant is a reporter for the Walker County Messenger in LaFayette, Ga., and the Catoosa County News in Ringgold, Ga.

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