Name: Justin Hight

Occupation: Owner/operator of Easy Money Pawn Shop

Website: Facebook @Justin Hight for Magistrate Court Floyd County

What qualifications do you bring to the role of Chief Magistrate?

If I am elected as Chief Magistrate I will serve with honor and integrity. I am a representative of the community and will judge everyone equally. I am here to make the Magistrate Court a better and fairer place. I bring into service my 17 years of business leadership where I have owned and operated successful businesses. I understand that employee turnover is a problem within the Magistrate Court, and I believe that is a leadership problem. I will work hard to ensure the people that work with me have a friendly working environment, just as I will ensure the court is operated in a fair and just manner for all the people.

I have had many interactions with the Magistrate Court while owning and operating multiple businesses in the last 17 years and this has given me knowledge and understanding of its court proceedings.

Explain what the court does and why you want the position.

Magistrate Court includes many responsibilities for Floyd County. Magistrate Court hears cases such as civil claims of $15,000 or less, warrants, evictions, bonds, preliminary hearings, parking cases, animal control cases, garnishments, first appearances and county ordinances. There are other responsibilities, but these are some of the most common.

I decided to run for this position because it is time to have a judge who treats everyone equally and is in touch with the people of Floyd County. The eviction process in Floyd County has become an issue and I would like to bring the constables back to Magistrate Court. I also would enforce the strongest penalties permissible to those who abuse animals. I believe the people here in Floyd County think it’s time for a change.

How will you change operations, to adapt to COVID-19 and/or in other ways?

During the spread of COVID-19, courtrooms will go through some changes. Other than the rules that are already set in place, I would implement the following procedures until this crisis has passed: (1) hearing a smaller number of cases per session; (2) making sure there is enough space in the courtroom so people can still practice social distancing; (3) require face masks in the courtroom; (4) utilize remote proceedings as much as possible; and (5) require every participant to alert the court if they have COVID-19 or even flu-like symptoms so the courtroom can take the appropriate action.

Endorsements: Steve Kemp, Larry Maxey, Joyce Manning, Floyd Ozment, Nat Hudson, Kim Poole, Chad Taylor, Dr. Scott Bowerman, Steve & Stan Brooks, Morgan Ayers, Eric McJunkin, Cara Williams, Karla Renteria, Tony Carver, Crystal Green, Matt Campbell, Charlie Cawthon, Zack Smith, Wendell Hicks, Bradley Robinson, Kenya Robbins, Jeff & Hal Bohannon, Rocky & Ana Patel, Peggy Gwin, Joanne Corona, Aelian Koelmeyer, Beto Castro, Jack Money, Miguel & Janet Monzon, Richard Argo, Reggie Ozment, Mark & Sue Eubanks, Charlie Ford, James Womack, Jaime & Claudia Castro, Julie Ruth, Bobby Loyd, Andy Reeves, Phillip Pilgrim, Frank Jones, Jackie Crowe, Renaultha Houston, Dinzel Minshew, Alberto Abundez

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