Name: Brad Barnes

Occupation: Software Engineer

Party: Republican


What qualifications do you bring to this office?

As a software engineer, creative solutions for complex problems is what I do: I work with varied stakeholders, software from others, and I do it all while staying on time and on budget. The General Assembly is mostly lawyers or career politicians, having someone with a background in an important sector like technology is a vital asset.

Before I became a software engineer I paid the bills as a factory worker. I always keep those who work by the sweat of their brow at the forefront of my mind. I will fight for them and for all our people everyday!

What are your state budget priorities?

The biggest upcoming priority is making sure that any Corona Cuts don’t fall disproportionately on the people of Rome. In the aftermath of the last economic crisis my opponent offered up Northwest Georgia Regional Hospital as a sacrifice. The temporary budget shortfall then dissipated, yet we are still left with the loss of hundreds of jobs and our most vulnerable mentally ill left on the streets. This was only a savings for Atlanta; costs were shifted permanently onto us locally in the form of our prisons taking over the role of mental health providers and a greater strain on local nonprofits.

Name some important issues you'd like to address?

I will tackle fraud, waste, and corruption. We must address the wall of laws favouring incumbents inhibiting the public from voting them out -- gerrymandering that prevents competitive general elections and the host of measures such as setting primary dates only a few weeks after qualifying that favors incumbents. An unresponsive government that no longer fears its people is a dangerous thing.

I will also work to cut waste from our higher education system, which leaves our students in crushing debt and drags down our state economy as those paying debts defer buying homes and starting families.

What changes should the state make in light of the coronavirus threat?

The next few legislative sessions will bring a great deal of challenges to our state as we grapple with the aftereffects of the Wuhan Chinese Coronavirus.

I will introduce “The Georgia Medical Supply Chain Security Act” to eliminate our dependency on Communist China for vital medical goods. Centralization of the global supply chain for medicines and medical goods in a single country, especially a hostile communist one, makes us vulnerable.

Over 97% of our antibiotics currently come from communist China. We would never allow our military to become 97% dependent on China for ammunition! This must be fixed!

How important is bipartisanship to you and why?

I am a pragmatist. My purpose is delivering meaningful results for the people of Rome, marshalling the state's resources for our community rather than for lobbyists or the Atlanta Swamp Establishment. Scoring ideological purity points should never override doing the people’s work. We are public servants, and should never forget that.

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