Name: Katie Dempsey

Occupation: State representative, former small business owner/community volunteer

Party: Republican


What qualifications do you bring to this office?

Member of the Georgia House of Representatives, chairman of the Appropriations Human Resources Committee as well as a member of the Economic Development & Tourism, Energy, Utilities & Telecommunications, Health & Human Services, Higher Education, Transportation, and Rules committees.

Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities Council, Georgia Children and Older Adults Cabinet, Georgia Foundation for Early Care + Learning Board.

Previously served on the Rome Floyd Planning Commission for 15 years as well as a member of the Rome Floyd County SPLOST Committee and Rome City Commission.

Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from the University of Georgia.

What are your state budget priorities?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, state leadership has directed the legislature to deliver a 14% reduction in spending by July 1. After the June 9 primary, we will return to session, focused on policies that help Georgians recover and thrive again as soon as possible. As chairman of the Appropriations Committee for Human Resources I will ensure that federal and state relationships are leveraged so that we can ensure that we find ways to continue care for our most vulnerable populations during this economic and health crisis.

Name some important issues you'd like to address?

We will work to prioritize Georgia’s economic and healthcare readiness so that we may meet future challenges with strength and nimbleness. This will require making sure that resources and revenue are properly matched so that we will maintain Georgia’s economic integrity. It is vital that we invest in data collection and technology that will allow us to remain highly efficient in delivering services to Georgia’s populous. It will be imperative during a time of economic uncertainly that we provide resources for those suffering from addiction and mental health issues as the emotional strain of economic worries continue to be realized.

What changes should the state make in light of the coronavirus threat?

It will be important for Georgia’s government to build upon lessons learned, which includes ensuring that we are sufficiently equipped to respond quickly with needed healthcare resources. We will also use this as a lesson to look into other areas where we are able to invest in readiness and efficiency.

How important is bipartisanship to you and why?

I have a history of working across the aisle in a unique and effective manner, while still holding on to my conservative principles. Members of both parties have signed every bill that I have ever authored in the House. We have seen during this pandemic that it is crucial that state leaders and agencies work together in order to tackle major issues in a timely fashion. I am proud to say that Georgia has done just that and it is my commitment that we continue to do so in all areas of need across Floyd County and our state.

Endorsements: National Federation of Independent Businesses, National Rifle Association, Georgia Chamber of Commerce

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