College students on the cusp of graduation have a lot to look forward to. With their degrees in hand, college graduates can take their first steps in what will hopefully be fulfilling careers.

Many families mark this very special occasion by throwing parties for newly minted graduates. Guests invited to such parties might want to give a gift that illustrates how proud they are of the new grad, and the following are some items that can help grads as they take their first steps into the professional world.

  • Attire: It might not seem flashy, but college graduates often need to upgrade their wardrobes as they search for their first jobs. Men and women may not have much in the way of professional attire, so a gift certificate to a local tailor or clothing store can make for a great gift.
  • Computer: This gift will likely stretch some gift givers' budgets, but family members can pitch in and make a new laptop or tablet a group gift. It might be best to avoid desktop computers, as industry insiders note consumers favor mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, over traditional desktop computers. In fact, a recent survey from eMarketer found that adults in the United States spent close to four hours per day on their mobile devices. New grads are more likely to reach for such devices when looking for jobs, so a new smartphone or tablet can make a great gift.
  • Briefcase/attaché case: A briefcase or attaché case may seem old school, but many working professionals still use them. And they can be especially useful for modern professionals who use laptops that they take to and from the office every day.
  • uggage: According to the Global Business Travel Association, 405 million business trips are taken in the United States each year. Chances are many new grads will join the masses of on-the-go workers, so a new set of durable, high-end luggage can help young professionals prepare for such trips while helping them make a strong impression with their colleagues.

College graduates can benefit from being given various items that help them prepare to make their initial forays into the professional arena.

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