DECATUR, Ga. (AP) — DeKalb prosecutors have asked the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to assist in the rape charge investigation against county chief executive officer Vernon Jones.

District Attorney Gwen Keyes said Thursday that she asked GBI director Vernon Keenan for an independent review to ensure that both sides get a fair investigation.

No charges have been filed against Jones, Keyes said.

``There has been an accusation, but there have been no formal charges of any kind. No arrests have been made,'' Keyes said. ``This is still just an investigation.''

A 29-year-old woman from Lithonia has accused Jones of raping her at his home in south DeKalb County the night of Dec. 28. Jones has called the allegation ``nonsense.''

Dwight Thomas, Jones' attorney, has said the woman was with Jones and another woman at his home and that there was what he calls ``a consensual, legitimate adult encounter.''

The GBI assistance request was so ``the public and the victim may also know that it would be reviewed in an independent manner without giving the appearance or suggestion of any bias,'' Keyes said.

She said DeKalb County police completed its investigation Wednesday and handed over its findings to her office. She forwarded that information to the GBI

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