Name: Wright Bagby

Occupation: Retired small business owner, Floyd County Commissioner

Party: Republican

Website: None

What qualifications do you bring to this position?

As a lifelong resident of Floyd County I believe I know our community. My background as a former business owner has given me great insight into financial management, which is extremely important when running a county. Also knowledge gained while serving as mayor of Rome and vice chair of the Floyd County Commission is very useful.

In what ways should County government adjust to the coronavirus going forward?

First of all I am very proud of the way that Floyd County, Rome, and Cave Spring responded. We were two weeks ahead of the state in taking action, which I believe was a good part of the reason we fared better than many other areas. Going forward we should continue to look to our superior health community for guidance in decision making. We should never be afraid of taking strong positions to protect our people.

How should the County Commission respond to the opioid crisis?

When we get thru the COVID-9 ongoing situation I am sure the opioid situation will come back into focus. We are already doing several things — our coroner is actually involved with our law enforcement agencies on following the sources when we have an opioid fatality, which happens often than you might think. We are also involved with a class action lawsuit against opioid manufacturers, who are basically flooding the market. We have also just been awarded a $150,000grant created by Congress to provide assistance to local law enforcement agencies to combat the problem.

What new projects or initiatives do you consider priorities?

Not new, but my No. 1 priority is the financial management of our county government and it will always be first. However, new initiatives that I am extremely excited about are the litter and blight task force and the new model for economic development.

The newly appointed citizens committee on litter and blight has the potential to change habits and the way we look. In a similar fashion the Rome/Floyd Development Authority has an opportunity to freshly look at different ways to keep economic development and job creation moving forward.

What is your long range vision for Floyd County, things to change, things to keep the same?

My long range vision for Floyd County, Rome, and Cave Spring is to keep strong fiscal management in place so we can maintain the quality of life that makes us all happy to live here. At the same time, work hard to provide quality job opportunities so that our children and grandchildren will want to stay and make this community even greater!

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