Name: Moriah Medina

Occupation: Marketing

Party: Democrat

Website: Facebook@MoriahForClerk

What does the clerk of court do and why are you a good fit?

The central responsibilities of the Clerk’s Office are record keeping, informational/financial management, and to be a foundation for our four superior court judges. This office plays a crucial role in everything from the legal system to the real estate industry and is a fundamental resource for Floyd County. My background working in the business community of the Floyd and Bartow Counties has helped me sharpen my skills of attention to detail, organization, team building, and customer service. With this experience I would work hard to help the Clerk’s Office run confidently and efficiently, supporting the agencies that rely on the services provided and also saving taxpayer money by reducing turnover and unnecessary waste within the office. 

How will you change operations to adapt to the new COVID-19 reality?

There are two main aspects I would be focusing on to adapt to our new COVID-19 reality. First, modernizing the Clerk’s Office’s online presence. Even though our community slowed down, the world does keep turning. Social service agencies still need records to help families in need, law enforcement officers still need vital information to protect Floyd County, and some families still need  documentation to move forward with adoptions. During stressful times like these, user-friendly online access is incredibly valuable to keep our community moving forward and safe.

The second aspect I would focus on would be transparency and communication. Making sure we have a process in place to handle the needs of the clients of the Clerk’s Office and also communicating the details of our action plans openly so clients can feel confident that their needs are being met with as little confusion as possible. 

What is the biggest challenge on the horizon and how will you address it?

The biggest challenge I see for the Clerk’s Office will be rebuilding the reputation and reorganizing the office to be more efficient. My first steps in addressing the issues would be to gather data and feedback from staff and clients to pinpoint what changes are needed and then building appropriate guidelines and training to work towards success. I would also want to focus on the culture of the Clerk’s Office and reinforce a positive environment that encourages high-performance, attentiveness, and attention for detail.

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