Young Republicans

Walker County Young Republican recently held a convention and election of new officers.

Chickamauga Library was full of teens recently to have a convention and election of new officers for the next year.

Chairman Cooper Jacks of Gordon Lee High School, and Rhonda Jacks, sponsor/advisor of the group, prepared the way. This convention is the organization’s third convention since inception.

Cooper introduced four guest speakers following his welcome. An invocation set the stage for Walker commissioners: Whitfield, Stultz, Askew, and Hart. Each challenged the young members to trust, apply their principles, work hard, and choose good candidates. Many ideas were presented by each man and heartedly applauded by the teens and other adults attending.

During the introductions, people identified themselves by name and characteristic they possessed to make them good leaders. It was an inspiring list of adults and youngsters.

Following the speeches, Nancy Burton, chair of Walker GOP, donated an appropriate yard sign and gave each attendee a take-away defining a good American citizen. She also offered to assist in the future and gave her contact information as a gift, too.

Another special guest was author Gavin Swafford, chairman of the Young Republicans in the 14th District. He attended to support the Teens, he said.

Refreshments were served.

Nancy Burton is chair of the Walker County Republican Party.

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