Nissin Brake Georgia Inc.’s parent company has announced it has merged with three other companies to form Hitachi Astemo Ltd.

Nissin Brake Georgia, at 216 Thacker Drive, Rock Spring, hosted a groundbreaking in November 2019 for a 9,500-square-foot expansion to house the company’s new break room and locker rooms, allowing Nissin to reconfigure its office space and to utilize the space more efficiently.

The expansion was the company’s fourth since the plant broke ground in 2000 as Findlex.

According to a Nissin Brakes news release:

On Jan. 1, 2021, Nissin Kogyo Co. Ltd., Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd., Keihin Corp. and Showa Corp. concluded management integration to form Hitachi Astemo Ltd., a leading provider of mobility solutions to the automotive industry.

The name “Astemo” is derived from the words “Advanced Sustainable Technologies for Mobility” and describes the mission of the integrated company to “provide a safe, sustainable and comfortable mobility life through technologies that contribute to an advanced and sustainable society,” according to a company news release.

Driven by technological megatrend of CASE, meaning Connected, Autonomous, Sharing and Electrification, the automotive industry is undergoing profound change requiring companies to have the scale and resources to create the leading technologies and sophisticated solutions required for today’s mobility demands.

As a global mega-supplier, Hitachi Astemo will create advanced mobility solutions in its core businesses of powertrain systems, chassis systems and advanced driver assistance systems for both automobiles and motorcycles.

Leveraging its expanded scale and the advanced technologies of the four integrating companies, Hitachi Astemo will drive innovation in CASE, an area expected to grow rapidly. Further, Hitachi Astemo will optimize its engineering resources to accelerate development of next-generation technologies and integrate advanced software across components, establishing itself as a global leader in mobility solutions.

Hitachi Astemo is a global company, employing approximately 90,000 people with offices and plants in 27 countries covering Japan, China, India, North America, South America and Europe. The company endeavors to increase its social, environmental and economic value by providing advanced mobility solutions that improve safety, comfort, environmental protection and contribute to building a sustainable society.

Hitachi Astemo will contribute to improving quality of life and the corporate value of its customers worldwide.

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