Oscar Mayer’s Wienermobile and the Planters NUTmobile visited See Rock City Inc. Sept. 18 during stops in the Chattanooga area as part of their annual tours.

See Rock City Inc. owns Clumpies Ice Cream Co., which was on hand to serve ice cream that looks like hotdogs.

Both the NUTmobile and the Wienermobile have more than 80 years of history cruising around the country, and both are driven by Hotdoggers and Peanutters, respectively, who are recent college graduates hired to drive the vehicles for a full year, according to a Kraft Heinz Co. news release.

The vehicles were at area events Sept. 13-20 to deliver “miles of smiles,” giving fans the chance see the 26 foot-long peanut and 27 foot-long hot dog up close, the news release said.

Additional information about the NUTmobile can be on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and at www.plantersnutmobile.com/socialshellebration.html.

Additional information about the Wienermobile can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the Wienermobile app and at omwienermobile.com/.

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