Dear editor,

As a lifelong member of Walker County I have always been proud to call LaFayette my home. There are many reason I say this — the beautiful mountains that surround me, the amazing places to visit that seem to be untouched, but most of all the sense of community.

For decades our little community has pulled together and helped those in dire circumstances. This is the reason for this letter. The Care Mission, located in LaFayette and serving all of Walker County, is needing our help.

Let me start by telling you a little about this great ministry. The Care Mission helps over 150 families every week. They distribute over 30 tons of food monthly. That is a lot of food. They have made helping our community their number one priority.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are quickly approaching and this makes their need for help even greater. Normally they are given large amounts of donations from our local Bi-Lo but Bi-Lo has been sold to Food City. Those donations will now cease. I do hope Food City will be able to pick up Bi-Lo’s love for our community.

The Care Mission does has a thrift store that helps subsidize its ministry but this in no way covers the majority of the need. The thrift store contributes about 20 percent of the needed funding and without the help of our area churches, social and professional organizations I am afraid this ministry will lose its ability to feed and clothe our precious community.

We have more than 130 churches in Walker County and I am challenging each church to donate monthly to help with this ministry. I want to also challenge each family that has been impacted by the great works of The Care Mission to donate a $1 a month.

Hunger does not discriminate. We all know someone who is in need and The Care Mission can take $1 and turn it into $22 in food.

No matter what the name or denomination written on your church sign is, maybe we can all stand together as the body of Christ and help change someone’s life. We can plant the seed and I promise it will grow. I believe in our little community and by coming together we can and will move mountains. May God bless you. If you would like to help in funding this great ministry or volunteer your time please contact The Care Mission, 105 North Chattanooga St., LaFayette GA 30728. May God bless you in all you do.

Holly Valle-Delgado, LaFayette

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