Dear editor,

I surmise Walker County's GOP will ask voters whether they support a sole commissioner is referencing a multi-commissioner board.

Please think long and hard about the consequences of your vote.

A multi-commissioner board will cost much more. Many candidates run mainly for benefits, i.e. medical, retirement, credit card usage, cell phones, etc.

Noted state representatives helped get a five-person board in Catoosa County in 1992.

It's not been good.

Some commissioners see no limit with our credit cards. Candidates thought honorable did a turnabout. Taxes recently increased two years in a row; the school board also increased taxes one of those years.

To me, it's easier to vote out one person rather than five, especially when terms are staggered. I'm for term limits. It will get the good with the bad, but we will have a fighting chance of booting out bad ones at some point.

Our commissioners collect benefits, yet they're part-time elected officials.

Benefits should be eliminated, then we'd discover who runs for themselves or the taxpayers. Just remember, you would have more than one person spending your money.

Cherise Miller, Ringgold

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