On The Journey, Judy Bowman

God = Truth

There’s at least one belief that is central to all of Christianity and Judaism and that is that the God of Abraham is a truthful God. He is, in fact, Truth Himself. “The sum of Your word is truth…”(Psalm 119: 160). There is nothing in God but truth. He never lies, never “mis-speaks,” never goes back on His word. God doesn’t trick us or try to lead us astray. He simply IS, and in being Who He is, is all that is true and good and beautiful. This is one of the great assurances and consolations of our faith: our God is Truth.

We can read Holy Scripture and know that God’s revelation can be counted on, without reservation. He keeps His promises. Christians can know with certainty that our God is truth and that He has fully-revealed Himself to us in His Son, Jesus Christ. And yet we see many Christians all around us who have come to believe that God lies to us all the time through His creation and through our culture. Our daily life is rife with illusion and deception—from politics to social media to the corporate world. Who can believe any photograph anymore since the invention of Photoshop? Who can believe music since the coming of AutoTune? Breast implants, facelifts, hair extensions and Botox have made the human body a canvas for plastic surgeons. What is real? What is true?

But our infatuation with being deceived goes much deeper than our skins and our voices. And the implications of our shadow dance have eternal consequences. Many Christians, even many Catholics, believe that abortion is just another medical procedure that women should be free to choose. They don’t believe in the reality of the child in their womb. The baby is a lump of cells that is part of her body and she is free to dispose of “it” like a bothersome wart. Most women suffer great guilt and regret after an abortion. Deep down, they know that abortion kills a child and yet we continue to live this lie and to support it.

Research shows us that most Americans, including the majority of Catholics, support same-sex “marriage.” Ireland recently voted to legalize it. But because something is legal to do doesn’t mean that it’s in accordance with God’s law. Marriage reflects the unity of God with His bride, the Church. Just as human marriage bears the fruit of children, the marriage of the Lamb bears the fruit of eternal life. Same-sex couples (or triples, or groups, at some point) may become legally contracted together but is not marriage as revealed in Holy Scripture. To believe that it is the same is to embrace a distortion of reality.

Most recently, our culture has told us that God lies to us in our very creation. We’re asked to believe that the most basic scientific revelation of God’s will for our lives—the DNA that defines our biology—is a mistake or a trick. We can, by our own choosing, decide not to be a man or a woman, but we can change what we are. The truth is, we can’t change one cell of our bodies, but only the clothes we wear and the names we call ourselves. Who we are is not determined by how we look. And a baby is a baby, no matter if it’s born or unborn. Truth is truth and no amount of our own imagining or wishing can make it otherwise.

“Truth is not determined by a majority vote.” — Pope Benedict XVI

Glenda Smiley, Pleasant Valley Baptist Church

Great news for next Sunday, May 3rd. The church will open for all, members and guests alike, to come next week at 11 AM. We open for services with many safety precautions in place to protect against the Covid19 Virus. These guidelines can be found on our Facebook page. Please review these guidelines, but come and join us in this opening service. With common sense practices and God’s goodness and grace, PVBC is excited to join together again to honor and worship our Lord. We encourage worshipping together, but understand some at high risk may still have reservations concerning attending in person. We will continue to post our services.

The results of the Easter Sunday storms continue to bring great loss and sorrow to many in our area. We need to continue to pray for them as they go through this ordeal. Physical process is being made in the community with restoration of utilities and such for which we give God great glory. Even in great loss, God is good. Things can be replaced but loved ones cannot. Thank God for His mercy and grace.

This past Sunday, we were blessed to have our missionary to South Africa, Kevin Hall, bring the morning message posted on both Facebook and YouTube. Either can be watched at your convenience. His message was, “Will you be a worshipper or a doubter?” —Matt 28:16-20

So much to pray for and about. Remember our country, our leaders, our citizens. Remember those among us who are sick, alone, or grieving. Pray for our churches, missionaries, and evangelist. Remember to pray for all the request mentioned in our live stream. Pray everyone will humble themselves before God and call on Him. Pray God will work to revive us all for His glory!

Pleasant Valley Baptist will live-stream FB morning services 11 a.m., evening 6 p.m., and Wednesday Bible study. Services can also be viewed on YouTube. Be sure to attend, if possible, but view our services for the encouragement from God’s Word we all need. Until we are all come together in God’s house, be sure to worship with us via technology. God’s Word teaches us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together. This isolation period should have opened our eyes to how much each of us need God in our lives. Will we continue own in our own willful ways or will we turn from our sin unto God? Have we not yet realized how helpless we are in this world? Have we not yet understood our help comes from Him? Will we be worshippers or doubters?

May God continue to mercifully bless you. We look forward to seeing you in God’s house Sunday, May 3, at 11 a.m.

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