A humanitarian and environmental non-profit organization is set to purchase a 52-acre property in Walker County to develop a homesteading community equipped with a hydroponic garden and education center where individuals can attend in person and learn sustainable living methods.

Committed to taking care of the Earth and humanity, Camp Bohdi Inc. seeks to meet this need by conducting the research, providing the education and supplying the resources; the organization will utilize eco-friendly building methods as they construct the eco-village.

Some of their methods include using rammed earth and earthbags to build guest homes. This allows for low cost, temperature-regulated, strong and low maintenance eco-friendly buildings.

“We are all about empathy, self-confidence and independence,” Camp Bohdi’s Chief Executive Officer Twyla Jackson said. “Most importantly, we want to help our community become reunified with nature and discover the gifts that come along with that, mentally, physically and spiritually.”

This black-owned non-profit is driven to develop innovative ways to counteract the negative impact that humans have had on the Earth.

Oftentimes, melanated groups and underserved communities lack sustainability education and access to resources to begin living a sustainable lifestyle. Camp Bohdi seeks to meet this need by conducting the research, providing the education and supplying the resources.

Camp Bohdi will soon offer various workshops and online classes, in which individuals and groups can learn about self-sufficiency, sustainability and the freedom that lifestyle offers. Education also focuses on self-empowerment and improving the physical, mental and spiritual health of their participants.

One of the organization’s missions is to assist in the development of self-sustaining eco-villages around the world. The organization’s current intentional living community project, the NuTerra Ecovillage, will be the first homesteading community of its kind.

From the hydroponic gardens that will supply a future food bank, to the online classes that will give everyone the opportunity to learn about energy and food production, as well as natural health and wellness techniques, they plan to do it all and more.

More information can be found at www.campbohdi.org. For more information on how to support Camp Bohdi’s mission, go to www.campbohdi.org/support.

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