A woman was arrested at the LaFayette Walmart for attempting to steal a cell phone, SIM card, Chinese food and a newspaper.

According to LaFayette Police Department reports:

The incident occurred around noon on Thursday, June 11, when store security personnel caught Angela Achuff (Ghelio), 30, while she was attempting to steal a Verizon cell phone that she wrapped in a newspaper. A blouse was also wrapped around the items as well.

Achuff (Ghelio) traveled to the garden center cash register and purchased a cheaper cell phone. After Walmart security noticed her acting suspicious, they confronted her while she was attempting to leave the store.

She allegedly tried to throw away additional items she was attempting to steal as Walmart personnel were leading her to the store’s back office.

In the back office, it was discovered that the suspect had shoplifted three egg rolls, sweet and sour sauce, a cell phone SIM card, the Verizon phone and a newspaper.

The shoplifted items being stolen were valued at $226.44.

Walmart employees discovered Achuff (Ghelio) had been banned from all Walmart stores after being arrested for shoplifting at the Calhoun Walmart on June 7 and had signed paperwork agreeing to the ban.

Achuff goes by the last name Ghelio, but her name has not been legally changed to that as of yet.

She told police she was stealing the items because she was lost and needed money.

Achuff (Ghelio) was arrested and transported to the Walker County jail without incident.

Josh O'Bryant is a reporter for the Walker County Messenger in LaFayette, Ga.

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