A LaFayette man arrested for meth possession told police that the pants he was wearing, where police found the drugs, didn’t belong to him.

According to LaFayette Police Department reports:

On Saturday, Jan. 2, around 3:30 a.m., a patrol officer spotted a man driving a Jeep Cherokee along East Villanow Street with his driver’s-side taillight not working.

Once the driver turned off Patterson Road and onto Foster Circle, the officer activated a traffic stop.

When the officer approached the vehicle, he recognized the driver as 26-year-old Justin Curtis Rogers. Rogers was familiar to police after several anonymous calls to police reported Rogers as an alleged drug dealer at Langley Apartments at 307 South Main Street.

The officer allegedly smelled marijuana on Rogers and asked him to step out of the vehicle.

Rogers reportedly admitted to police that he had smoked marijuana prior to the traffic stop.

Once the officer searched Rogers, he located two separate baggies containing methamphetamine in Rogers’ left cargo-pants pocket. A baggie of marijuana was also found in the left cargo pocket of Rogers.

Rogers claimed that the pants he was wearing did not belong to him, that he had gotten the pants from a friend earlier that evening.

Two weeks prior, the officer said, he noticed Rogers wearing those exact same pants while Rogers was being questioned by police at his apartment on a separate matter.

In Rogers’ right cargo pocket, the officer discovered four 9-mm bullets.

The officer asked Rogers if there was a firearm in the vehicle and he said “yes.”

A Ruger 9-mm handgun was discovered between the driver’s seat and center console. The handgun had a loaded 10-round magazine in it.

Rogers was then placed under arrest. The officer continued to search the vehicle and located a camoflaudged AWS digital scale that had methamphetamine on it.

In the passenger floorboard, a white pill bottle was located that included eight pills. The pills were identified as 1-mg Clonazepam and 0.5-mg Clonazepam. Both are schedule IV drugs.

Rogers was charged with one count of possession of methamphetamine, eight counts of possession of a schedule IV controlled substance, one count of methamphetamine with the intent to distribute, one count of possession of a firearm during commission of felonies.

Two citations were written, one for the taillight violation and the other for possession of marijuana.

Rogers was transported to the Walker County jail without incident.

Josh O'Bryant is a reporter for the Walker County Messenger in LaFayette, Ga.


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