Hutcheson Medical Center

Hutcheson Medical Center in Fort Oglethorpe, which federal bankruptcy court ordered closed on Dec. 4, re-opened for patient services on Dec. 22 under a management services agreement with ApolloMD.

Since re-opening, ApolloMD staff, which includes more than 80 former Hutcheson employees, have been working hard to ensure the care provided is both high quality and patient-focused.

ApolloMD plans to use a phased approach for re-opening the hospital.

To date, two inpatient beds have re-opened, the emergency department is fully functional, and vital services, including laboratory, pharmacy, radiology and other diagnostic and ancillary services, are operating.

The hospital staff, medical staff and ApolloMD are diligently working together on plans to expand inpatient and other services in the coming year in ways that best meet the needs of the community.

“We are committed to the mission of Hutcheson to provide outstanding, quality patient care for Fort Oglethorpe and surrounding areas,” said Jessica Tribbett, ApolloMD senior vice president of operations. “We have a unique opportunity to develop a care model that fits the needs of the community.

“We are beginning the process of assessing those needs and recognize that the involvement of the community is invaluable as we move forward.

“We must be intentional and thoughtful about how and when we re-open services so that we can provide the right care at the right time.”

As the strategy and operations continue to develop and solidify, ApolloMD will keep the community abreast through updated communication tools, including a new website, social media channels and a community relations program.

“Re-opening a hospital, especially in such a short period of time, is no easy task,” explained Dr. Boykin Robinson, ApolloMD divisional president. “We were fortunate to retain a lot of employees with invaluable facility and operational knowledge. Together with our corporate team, great strides have been made.

“We have only just begun, but we all should be very proud of what we have accomplished thus far.”

ApolloMD is a fully-integrated and aligned national group practice that partners with more than 100 leading healthcare institutions nationwide to provide multi-specialty physician services, including emergency medicine, hospital medicine, anesthesia and radiology.

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