New Walker County Security System

A new security system has been implemented in the Walker County school system that enables teachers to access it via their mobile phone — and for the superintendent Damon Raines to control all of the school system’s buildings’ security from his phone.

Dougherty County school leaders are implementing a new security badge that their employees can wear that will — at the push of a button — alert administrators and first responders to a crisis at the school.

Walker County school leadership is going a step further. According to School Superintendent Damon Raines: “We have installed a new security system in all of our buildings, and it goes live when school starts back.”

“So, we will have camera access at any point. There is only one way to get in the main building and that is through the front door.”

But, where is this camera access? Is it just in the principal’s office, at the central office for the school system, or some security firm?

Raines says “it can be in multiple places. For example, the teachers have a sign-in for this, so they can have it on their mobile phone.”

“I can go on my phone and lock down every building from my phone,” the superintendent shared. “I can call into every building and tell them what’s going on. It is pretty amazing.”

In addition, every school has cameras in the ceiling, which give the security app user the ability to access those school cameras or, as in Mr. Raines’ case, specifically, the ability to access any camera in any school — and control a lock-down, if needed.

The man over the new security program is Chris Jones. And this system, which is a Sielox product according to Raines, cost in the neighborhood of $450,000. But the school system received a state grant from the governor’s office that funded the majority of that expense, so the cost was far less to the Walker County School system to ensure the safety and security of the children in their care.

Jan Morris is assistant editor for the Catoosa County News in Ringgold, Ga., and the Walker County Messenger in LaFayette, Ga.

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