LaFayette Mayor Andy Arnold welcomed Maggie Stultz, the new LaFayette High School principal, to the council's Monday, June 10, meeting. 

Stultz introduced herself, first sharing the “professional” side of herself: “I am Maggie Stultz, the principal of LaFayette High School. I was appointed by Mr. Raines (School Superintendent Damon Raines) on April 24, which is a little shocking to me as well as, I am sure, the staff. But it has been a wonderful roller-coaster-of-a-ride.

“I have been in Walker County schools for 26 years,” Stultz said. “My first job was at LaFayette Middle School in 1993.” She said she was hired for the LaFayette Middle job one day before school started.

Stultz said she taught at the middle school for five years before transferring to the north end of the county to Rossville Middle School. She spent five years teaching at Rossville Middle before transferring back to the system level, where she was risk manager for one year before transferring to LaFayette Middle School as assistant principal. “That started my leadership career,” she said.

Next, she “did the (Sixth-Grade) Academy in 2005 before working with Chris Chambers for student services, which involved physically working with kids that struggled with education all the way up through placing them,” she said.

What followed, she said, was work as a graduation coach for LaFayette High and she has been there ever since. However, after her first year at the high school she said that she “rolled up with Mr. Culberson as his AP (assistant principal),” referring to Mike Culberson, former principal of LaFayette High School.

Stultz’s personal side

“I married Don Stultz,” she said. “He is the longtime hometown boy. We were introduced by his mother, who insisted that he get to meet me because I was going to change his world, which, he did change mine.”

“We have been married 15 years as of this March, and he is supportive of me in this new role,” Stultz added.

Her husband, she said, is a state trooper for 41 years who loves his job, and she supports him because, she said jokingly, “he has got to keep me in the lifestyle to which I am accustomed.”

Stultz said she’s extremely proud of her first year as the new leader, helping to see 262 new graduates walk the stage at this year’s graduation ceremony despite 95-degree weather.

And, she told the council, she is committed to the educational process in this community, choosing to forgo other opportunities in the past for advancement to remain in Walker County.

Jan Morris is assistant editor for the Catoosa County News in Ringgold, Ga., and the Walker County Messenger in LaFayette, Ga.

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