Ridgeland High School’s Art Department has partnered again with the 6th Cavalry Museum to produce a unique exhibit of student artwork to display at the museum. This year marks the fifth time for such a collaboration.

End of World War II in Europe was the theme selected. A gift was made to the art department by exhibit sponsor Caswell Partners Inc.

The theme allowed the students a broad base of reference to research their composition and to find something that would interest them and add to their artistic portrayal. The faces of war, bombed cities, the surrender being signed, soldier’s returning home and victory parades were a few of the suggestions that the 23 students used. Students were allowed to use famous images for their composition such as Norman Rockwell paintings and iconic photos.

Students created a two-page spread in their sketchbooks to plan, practice techniques and record their research about the chosen topic. They then used an oil pastel/graphite transfer printmaking method to create the composition.

Students used the same transfer method to cut exact shapes from their hand-painted papers to collage into their composition. Finally, they used acrylics, watercolor or any other medium to add details and transform the work from the original photo into their own mixed media collage work.

Fine Arts Chair Erika Couey was excited to offer the exhibit to her students and partner with the museum again.

“The students look forward to having their artwork displayed so family and friends can see it,” commented Couey. “The theme offered so many different subjects for them to research and create a poster that has significance to them. The students did a great job.”

The 6th Cavalry Museum is an independent nonprofit organization that was founded to preserve the history of the “Fighting Sixth” U.S. Cavalry. With a mission to share history for all, the museum offers low cost and free educational programs, special events and exhibits that honor the men and women who served at the U.S. Army post at Fort Oglethorpe from 1902 to 1947.

The museum is located in the community of Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia on historic Barnhardt Circle, one block north of Chickamauga National Battlefield.

To learn more, visit 6thCavalryMuseum.org.

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