This poster is part of the Walker County Complete Count Committee's efforts to make sure all residents are counted in the 2020 census.

The U.S. Census Bureau will soon bring its Mobile Questionnaire Assistance (MQA) program to Walker County to encourage and assist residents with responding to the 2020 Census.

The MQA program is part of the Census Bureau’s final push to encourage people to complete the 2020 Census before enumerators start going door to door in mid-August. 

About 56% of households in Walker County have already responded to the 2020 Census online, by phone or by mail since invitations began arriving in mid-March. That number lags behind the state and national average.

Walker County receives roughly $2,300 each year in funding directly related to the census count for things like school programs, healthcare, public transportation and housing. An undercount in 2020 due to poor participation will adversely impact the community for the next decade. 

The MQA program will visit the following locations from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.:

  • July 22 – Rossville Public Library (504 McFarland Ave.., Rossville)
  • July 23 – Chickamauga Public Library (306 Cove Road, Chickamauga)
  • July 24 – Chickamauga Public Library (306 Cove Road, Chickamauga)
  • July 29 – LaFayette Public Library (305 S. Duke St., LaFayette)
  • July 31 – LaFayette Public Library (305 S. Duke St., LaFayette)

Census representatives will be on site to help people complete the 2020 Census on a tablet or on their own device, while practicing social distancing. All census workers have been trained in COVID-19 protocols and issued personal protective equipment to be worn during MQA support. 

A number of activities have been held in Walker County in recent months to raise awareness about the importance of filling out the 2020 Census. Some of the outreach includes three community Census Train parades, several food distribution events and a PSA contest, along with banners, posters, bookmarks and other printed material.

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