Marsh House

Marsh House in LaFayette

June 15, 2020, 6:00 p.m., meeting by Zoom

Present: David Boyle, Don Coleman, Mary McConnell by proxy, Davene Nichols, Sharleen Robinson by proxy. Proxies were to David Boyle.

David Boyle presided. The Minutes of the Marsh House Board of Trustees for May 18, 2020, were unanimously approved on a motion by Don Coleman (1) and Davene Nichols (2).

The Treasurer’s reports for May 2020 were received. The balance in the Bank of LaFayette account at the end of May is $16,147.41 with income of $276.00 from Memorial Gifts and expenses of $304.65 for yard service, repairs. $3,733.05 is designated.

Old business

Building Repair chimney foundation. Alex Baker, Contractor, should finish in the basement by July 1.

New business

It appears that the public health situation will not allow for reopening of the House until about July 15. All staff interpreters/docents will be retrained with new safety procedures in addition to the historical and hosting information. We will have a supply of sanitizer on hand and regularly sanitize commonly touched surfaces.

Work area reports

Administration/House management. All funds are now in Bank of LaFayette Account except the endowment which is with Northwest GA Community Foundation.

Interpretation. The application for interpreter/docent is on the website.

Clayton Bell Scholarship/Internship Program. After extending the application deadline to May 20. The scholarship committee selected Sarah Denson and Seth Weaver from LaFayette High as interns for 2020-21. See information on the Facebook page. There were no applications from the other high schools in Walker County.

Building and Grounds. Chairman George Rogers has recommended the we consider not replacing the brick wall in order to have better drainage away from the house. There was considerable discussion by the board. Three options emerged:

  1. No brick wall and careful grading for drainage.
  2. A lower brick wall with careful attention to drainage, perhaps with additional drain holes at the sidewalk.
  3. Rebuild the wall as it was, with some improved drainage features.

David Boyle will talk with the city manager and perhaps the engineer for Talley Construction about the various alternatives and bring back additional information to the board. Sealing of all external chimneys and the chimney base in the kitchen is planned soon. It should eliminate the moisture coming in through the external chimneys and stabilize the mortar in the kitchen chimney.

The site for the planting of a white oak has been selected. Don Coleman reminded us to have a ceremony at the planting since it will be historic. The tree could live 300 years.

Connie Forester asked the Furnishings Committee for permission to post a list of WWI African American Veterans in the Servants Quarters by Marshall Allgood’s photograph. He is on the list. Granted and approved by the board.

We are happy that the SPLOST proposal with some infrastructure money for the Marsh House was approved by Walker County voters.

An additional historical marker will be placed on the east side of the property as part of the Reconciliation and Remembrance commemoration in coordination with the Walker County Historical Society and the County Commissioner sometime in September. The site has been approved by the Furnishings Committee and the House Manager.

Next board meeting: Monday, August 17, 6:00 p.m., likely on Zoom. No meeting in July.

Respectfully submitted,

David Boyle,

Recording Secretary

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