Post seeking: Georgia House District 3

Hill is the incumbent and is seeking re-election to this post.

Party: Republican

Age: 69 (born Nov. 14, 1950)

How long have you lived in this area? 69 years

Are you a member/officer of any clubs, organizations, charities, church, etc? NRA, Habitat for Humanity, Pleasant Valley Baptist Church

What are your past/current educational/career/work/political experiences, particularly any that make you a better choice for the post you’re seeking?

  • Certificates from the University of Georgia and the Association of County Government
  • Attended Dalton State College
  • Attended Ultrasonic’s at Chattanooga State College
  • Vice Chairman of State of Georgia Appropriations Sub-Committee General Government
  • Vice Chairman of Economic Sub -Committee International Economic Development
  • Vice Chairman of Interstate Cooperation Committee
  • Secretary of Intragovernmental Coordination
  • Industry and Labor Committee Member
  • Human Relations and Aging Committee Member
  • Retirement Committee Member
  • Education Committee Member

Any other things about you that make you a better candidate for the post you’re seeking?

  • Small Business Owner in Catoosa County for 26 years
  • Served Catoosa County as Commissioner of district 4 for 8 years
  • Worked the Governor, Senate and House of Representatives to keep Georgia the Number One Place to do Business With
  • Worked to Lower Taxes for All Citizens
  • Supported Laws and Resolutions to assist our Veterans and Seniors
  • Fought for the Right to Life and Protect the Un-born Babies

What are the issues that most concern you? If elected, what changes, if any, would you make and what goals would you have? Your vision for the county/area? Problems the county/area is facing?

Continue to work with the Catoosa County and the State of Georgia Economic Development to bring Smart Growth to our Catoosa County as well as the State of Georgia. Continue to Support The Right to Life and Fight to Protect the Un-Born Children. Continue to fight for Lower Taxes. To assist the Governor and all elected officials in preparing better support and response for future pandemics.

Your favorite quote? My favorite quote is from my Grandfather Clearance Hill “Treat All People the Way You Want to be Treated”

Your hobbies/pastimes? Cruising with my Old 72 Chevy Truck, working on my 34 Plymouth Coupe, camping with my Wife (Wanda Hill) and family, especially the Grand-Children

How can voters with questions/comments contact you or get more information about you? Please never hesitate to contact me by calling or text on my mobile phone (423) 421-4242.

Any final words to voters? In these trying times, experience leads. May God Continue to Bless Catoosa County, State of Georgia and these Great United States.


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