Based upon the turnout on Monday night, July 8, a new food truck in town is a hot commodity.

“Farm to Fork” — the mobile version — is an offshoot of the “Farm to Fork” Ringgold dining restaurant owned by Eric Hugh Harris. But the food truck offers diners a more flexible eating-out option without sacrificing food quality.

This version allows customers to call ahead for pickup later or to drive by whenever they get a hankering for an upscale meal without having to go in and sit down to eat it.

The food truck “Farm to Fork” even has picnic tables distributed around its landscape, for diners who are OK eating out in the sunshine, but draw the line at a fancy building and dressed up customers.

According to Chann Carney, the chef for the mobile truck option, “The owner (Hugh) said he doesn’t hire cooks. He trains chefs.”

According to several happy customers, the one-week chef — who has never worked in a restaurant before — catches on fast or he did have a good trainer.

“Management’s real cool. If you need anything they’re more than likely to jump in and give you a helping hand, or a word of advice,” Carney said.

Customers in attendance expressed their enjoyment of the food and how much they really liked the flexibility of being able to call in an order and it be ready for immediate pickup upon arrival.

Others that arrived Monday night, July 8, enjoyed the fact that there were picnic table options or that they could just show up and order when they got there, without having to get all dressed up in order to get fine dining.

Tara Taylor, the cashier on duty, doubles as a grill chef too, when needed, Carney said. Monday (July 8) she was too busy taking food orders to be able to do much cooking, and it was past 8 p.m., so they were not closing on time.

“Farm to Fork” dining options include wings your way: smoked, with hot, mild, Teriyaki, or honey BBQ sauce.

Tacos with a twist are another option and include pork, brisket with queso cheese, or BBQ chicken.

Plates are also available, such as the applewood smoked pork plate, smoked beef brisket plate, BBQ smoked chicken plate, or a grilled or fried chicken plate — all of which come with two sides and a drink.

Sandwiches with a drink and choice of fries or chips is another option, as is hot dogs relished with slaw or chili or both.

This “Farm to Fork” mobile option isn’t just for the parents, as their kid menu includes corn dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken nuggets, and small cheese burger fries and drink deals.

Sides include mac and cheese, BBQ beans, potato salad, green beans, fried okra, as well as fries and slaw options.

The mobile restaurant is open Monday through Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., but demand sometimes keeps them open after that, like it did on Monday night, July 8.

Jan Morris is assistant editor for the Catoosa County News in Ringgold, Ga., and the Walker County Messenger in LaFayette, Ga.

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