4-H Project Achievement is a cornerstone in the Georgia 4-H program, as well as its premier public speaking and demonstration contest. The purpose of this event is to provide an out-of-county educational experience and to give recognition for outstanding accomplishments in 4-H work. 4-H’ers who have been selected as county winners in various 4-H projects available to Cloverleaf 4-H members compete with other county winners in their district for district honors.

On Saturday, January 25th, over 87 local 4th, 5th and 6th-grade students boarded school buses and traveled to Georgia Highlands College to represent our county at the 4-H Cloverleaf District Project Achievement Contest. Project categories range from Agricultural Awareness, Performing Arts, and Outdoor Survival Skills to Veterinary Science. There were 11 counties represented at this event, with 554 youth competing and an estimated 1,400 parents in attendance. Catoosa County 4-H was awarded a plaque for Highest Number of Participants.

4-H’ers participated at a county-level competition during 4-H In-School Educational Meetings during the month of November. In December, county winners were given a letter of invitation to advance to the district level competition. Many hours of preparation from county extension staff, parents and participating youth went into this event.

Youth 4-H Agent Caleb Millican coordinated the event for Catoosa County students. Teen Leaders Avery Cross, Jenna Dekich, and Kylie Hinton served as judges alongside of Cooperative Extension Staff Julia Willingham, Lauren Drinnon, and Roberta Pepper. Teen leader Emily Momberg, Chelsea Brewster, Jake Brown, McKinley Pepper, and Patrick Peterson also served as community service leaders, hall monitors and carnival helpers.

All youth attending are congratulated for their success and for representing Catoosa County well.

4-H’ers competing and their categories are as follows:

♦ Sienna Miller, Archeology, 2nd Place

♦ Jackson Taylor, Archeology, Honorable Mention

♦ Sky Jarnagin, Arts, 2nd Place

♦ Aiden Farmer Arts, 3rd Place

♦ Brienn Ayerdi Bicycle, 2nd Place

♦ Brock Capehart, Bicycle, 3rd Place

♦ Maura York, Cat Care, Honorable Mention

♦ Khiley Lawson, Clothing and Textiles, 3rd Place

♦ Abigail Delk, Communications, 3rd Place

♦ Saige Thorton, Companion Animal Science, 1st Place

♦ Brynlee Thomas, Companion Animal Science, Honorable Mention

♦ Aliviah Goodwin, Companion Animal Science, Honorable Mention

♦ Rion Peterson, Computer Information Technology1st Place

♦ Ashton Nutt, Crafts, 1st Place

♦ Rori Pepper, Creative Stitchery, 1st Place

♦ Trinity Tallant, Dairy, 2nd Place

♦ Matthew Shattuck, Dog Care and Training, Honorable Mention

♦ James Williams, Engineering and Mechanics, 3rd Place

♦ Kyra Johnson, Engineering and Mechanics, Honorable Mention

♦ Elijah Vogel, Engineering and Mechanics, Honorable Mention

♦ Jonas Watkins, Entomology, 3rd Place

♦ Olivia Thacker, Environmental Science, 2nd Place

♦ Alex Beason, Flowers, Shrubs, and Lawns,2nd Place

♦ Miya Sanders, Flowers, Shrubs, and Lawns, Honorable Mention

♦ Anna Kinsey, Food Fare, 1st Place

♦ Allison Ward, Food for Fitness, 1st Place

♦ Hunter Baker, Food Safety and Preservation, 2nd Place

♦ Hunter Culpepper, Forestry and Wood Science, 3rd Place

♦ Justin Whaley, Freshwater Fish and Shellfish, 2nd Place

♦ Estelle Warr, Freshwater Fish and Shellfish, Honorable Mention

♦ Abby Lyons, Fruits, Vegetables, and Nuts, 2nd Place

♦ Lyla Watson, Fruits, Vegetables, and Nuts, 3rd Place

♦ Lenli Breeden, Fruits, Vegetables, and Nuts, Honorable Mention

♦ Luke Condroski, General Recreation, 1st Place

♦ Lulu Parkhill, General Recreation, 3rd Place

♦ Scotty Searcy, General Recreation, Honorable Mention

♦ Robert Caruso, Geology, Honorable Mention

♦ Andy Miller, Geology, Honorable Mention

♦ Justin Brown, Geology, Honorable Mention

♦ Jacob Varghese, Health, 2nd Place

♦ Emily Cochran, Health, Honorable Mention

♦ Jace Dunn, Health, Honorable Mention

♦ Alexander Strawbridge, Health, Honorable Mention

♦ Emileigh Lofty, Herpetology, 2nd Place

♦ Kaya Bradford, Herpetology, Honorable Mention

♦ Haiden Johnson, Historic Place and Events, Honorable Mention

♦ Audrey Crane, Historic Place and Events, Honorable Mention

♦ Jex Wilson, Historic People, 3rd Place

♦ Logan Blankenship, Historic People, Honorable Mention

♦ Joshua Zurita, Historic People, Honorable Mention

♦ Avery Queen, Horse, 1st Place

♦ Briley West, Horse, 3rd Place

♦ Kinsley Stoker, Horse, Honorable Mention

♦ Lilly Howell, Human Development, 2nd Place

♦ Willie Glenn, International, Honorable Mention

♦ Daelyn Puryear, Marine and Coastal Ecology, 3rd Place

♦ Audrey Potter, Marine and Coastal Ecology, Honorable Mention

♦ Kimmy Prince, Marine and Coastal Ecology, Honorable Mention

♦ Georgia Gracy, Outdoor Recreation, 3rd Place

♦ Carson Hunt, Outdoor Recreation, Honorable Mention

♦ Gabe Smith, Outdoor Survival Skills, Honorable Mention

♦ Hayden Bunn, Paleontology, 1st Place

♦ Aidan Pennington, Paleontology, 2nd Place

♦ Luke Cornelius, Paleontology, Honorable Mention

♦ Ceci Ward, Performing Arts General, 2nd Place

♦ Addy Roddy, Photography, 3rd Place

♦ Matthew Johnson, Plants, Soils, and Fertilizers, Honorable Mention

♦ Kate Essex, Plants, Soils, and Fertilizers, Honorable Mention

♦ Gracey Thompson, Poultry, 3rd Place

♦ Miley Johnson, Poultry, 3rd Place

♦ Lucas Baggett, Robotics, 2nd Place

♦ Kaiden Emahiser, Safety, 3rd Place

♦ Wyatt Harless, Safety, Honorable Mention

♦ Ada Garrard, Sheep and Meat Goats, Honorable Mention

♦ Izzy Floyd, Sports Individual, Honorable Mention

♦ Easton Daniel, Sports Team, 1st Place

♦ Nicholas Anchondo, Sports Team, 3rd Place

♦ Molly O’Brien, Sports Team, Honorable Mention

♦ Addi Anderson, Target Sports, 3rd Place

♦ Dominick Cothran, Veterinary Science, Honorable Mention

♦ Jalynn McCain, Veterinary Science, Honorable Mention

♦ Maddie Cargile, Wildlife, 2nd Place

♦ Sunshyne Marsh, Wildlife, Honorable Mention

♦ Anika Perez-Perez, Wildlife, Honorable Mention

♦ Aubrey Turnipseed, Workforce and Career Development, Honorable Mention

♦ Eli Costellow, Workforce and Career Development, Honorable Mention

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