We have all said that before, not realizing what it would really be like if all we had was time!

I have learned a lot in our constantly changing world and I am still learning more each day.

I don’t know about you, but for me, it took at least 2-3 weeks before I settled into the “Quarantine Shelter In Place” routine. I stayed “shelter in place,” but my mind was in overdrive, in Zoom meetings and in processing every new daily change and update.

This was like when I go on vacation. It takes me a week to get everything in order and ready to go on vacation, it takes 3-4 days once I arrive at vacation to unwind and feel relaxed and then it take at least a week after the return to catch up on all the time I missed from vacation. That is why I prefer to at least take a week to ten-day vacation to make it worth it when the time allows.

With this “Quarantine Shelter In Place” process, it has taken me at least 2-3 weeks to adapt and put into place the new work and personal communication means, it has taken me 2-3 weeks to relax and settle into this new environment and will take that much time or more to readjust when the “new normal” is defined and restrictions are lifted.

Until this time, I will be thankful for what I have learned during this “COVID-19 Journey” and hope to come out on the other side, better, stronger, healthier, and happier.

I learned I have wasted money, time, food, unnecessary thoughts, and energy, but I do not have to continue with any old patterns. I am learning what is really important and gaining more knowledge every day.

This is NOT time wasted if we gain a better, healthier, and happier perspective on life. Sometimes it takes something drastic to happen to get us where we should have been all along but would not release.

What have you learned and what will you take into the “new normal”?

Lisa J. Heyer, GRI, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate-Jackson Realty, broker/owner. She can be reached at lisa@lisaheyer.com.


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