The LaFayette Parks and Recreation Pettyjohn’s Caving expedition on Jan. 20 proved to be a success for the LaFayette Parks and Recreation Outdoor Adventure program.

Pettyjohn’s Cave is a 6.5-miles-long cave located in Walker County. The horizontal cave has various tight squeezes and is listed as the 119th longest cave in the United States out of 242 listed caves.

On Monday, Jan. 20, LaFayette Parks and Recreation hosted a Pettyjohn’s Caving Trip to Crockford-Pigeon Mountain.

Members of the Pigeon Mountain Grotto guided around 10 participants through Pettyjohn’s Cave. For some participants, this was their first caving experience.

The group met at the LaFayette Recreation Center around 10 a.m. and traveled in caravan style to Pigeon Mountain where they were met with members of Pigeon Mountain Grotto.

The group was fitted with helmets and head lamps, thanks to the Pigeon Mountain Grotto team.

The group traveled from the entrance of the cave to the Pancake Squeeze totaling a three-hour outdoor adventure for the participants.

According to LaFayette Parks and Recreation program supervisor Daulton Ash, the group had a great experience.

“Everyone wants to come back again,” Ash said. “We plan to host another caving trip in the near future.”

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