I wonder how some couples are doing being under house arrest together.

The Kansas Woman says you can spot a married couple in public because they are not talking.

A neighbor girl, now in her 40s with three kids, is about to lose her mind. It is all on her.

In addition to everything else she is now the teacher and knows nothing about it. She is lost in the subjects and the kids know it.

I’m trying to use my house arrest to good purpose and here is what is on my list.

For a couple of years I’ve thought of launching a wire radio antenna over the top of a very tall tree. In wire antennas height is desirable.

My usual method is to use a fishing rod to sling a weighted line over a limb, then connecting the mother line to the fishing line. The tree is too tall.

My next great idea is to use a drone to lay a light line over the top of the tree and go from there.

There are regulations about operating drones and I don’t know anything about flying one. That comes first. But with two monster pines cut I can have a 300-foot-long wire antenna about a hundred feet up as soon as I figure out the drone part.

While I’m on the topic of Ham Radio, I used a top-of-the-line radio in the 1960s that hasn’t been fired up in 40 years.

The Swann 500 lacked features of today’s amateur radios but it would be heard. The radio had a habit of drifting around if the tubes didn’t heat up and stabilize.

I am a decent aircraft mechanic (A&P) but know nothing about cars and trucks except the obvious.

Knowing the “obvious” is inadequate because my Ford diesel has slung serpentine belts 24 times in the last four years. That is no typo: 24 times.

Six shop owners said the fix should be simple but none were able to find it.

“The obvious” is that either pulleys are not in line or something is moving around. Shop number seven is in my future and the KW will not ride in the diesel. Triple A tow truck drivers know me and the truck.

As a kid in church camp, a church musician awed us by cutting a 2x4 using a handsaw, then picking up a violin bow and using the handsaw as a musical instrument.

The sound of a handsaw is ethereal and nothing like any other instrument.

I applied a viola bow to a new handsaw as well as my father’s old Craftsman saw.

The tones of each were pleasing but this is going to take some practice. Well, a lot of practice. You can go to YouTube and hear for yourself what a musical saw is all about.

I hope you are putting your house arrest time to good use.

I’m doing my best.

Joe Phillips writes his “Dear me” columns for several small newspapers. He has many connections to Walker County, including his grandfather, former superintendent Waymond Morgan. He can be reached at joenphillips@hotmail.com.

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