The year 2020 just might be recalled as the year that wasn’t.

There was so much adjusting to do, accommodating.

Earlier this year when panic buying was blooming I wrote a list of foods most people wouldn’t buy, then went to the store and stocked up. Fewer people cook. Many natural-born Southerners don’t even know what “hominy” is so they don’t eat it. We do.

When it looked like the milk supply would dry up I ordered non-fat dry milk in bulk. People don’t use it because they think it tastes like cardboard.

Reconstituted dry milk is missing the fat so if you mix it up and add a tablespoon of cream you have the real deal.

Last year I celebrated the new year by scribbling down what I expected to happen this year. It wasn’t a forecast just what I expected.

I expected a “dark horse” candidate to get in the presidential race and bubble to the top but it didn’t happen. I thought Tulsi Gabbard would switch political horses but she didn’t.

Actually, nothing that I expected to happen in 2020, did. Nothing much at all happened in 2020 so I think I should get a pass.

So, on to 2021 and I’ll go back to UFOs.

I think there is something there and it has been held as “above top secret” for decades.

Dr. Chaim Eshed, who headed Israel’s space program, said in an interview that UFOs are real and that ET says that humans are not ready for the truth. Well, yeah!

I can think of no more earth-jiggling news than for ET to show up on Tucker Carlson’s TV show.

TV news is an interesting playground. We have three traditional networks and a scattering of “cable networks.” They all operate at various degrees left of center and do not hesitate to spin national news if only to cooperatively ignore a story.

Apart from delivering pure news the Fox News network sits right of center on editorials.

There are two more television news networks operating in Fox’s shadow but I’ve wondered why one of the major networks hasn’t thought of something novel; just news.

CBS was the home of “Uncle Walter,” Walter Cronkite known as “the most trusted man in America.” For nearly twenty years he hosted the “CBS Evening News,” and you’d never have been aware of his personal political leanings.

Today’s news readers look good on TV but can barely rub two words together.

What if one of the major networks stood tall and said, “Just news.”

CBS has nothing to lose. What they’re doing keeps them at the bottom of the pile in viewers so why don’t they break out of the left-leaning pack and just do news without head shaking, eye rolling, tisk-tisking delivery?

Why doesn’t CBS try just news? There’s an opportunity there.

They might.

Joe Phillips writes his “Dear me” columns for several small newspapers. He has many connections to Walker County, including his grandfather, former superintendent Waymond Morgan. He can be reached at

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