When you download a file to your PC it is by default saved to the Downloads folder. This can be files that run programs, files to be printed (often .pdf files) or files to edit (could be Word or Excel or other type files.)

To find the file after you download it, go to File Explorer (it has the icon that looks like a folder that we put in filing cabinets in a paper world. Then look on the left in the display and look near the top and you should see a folder named Downloads. If you do not see a folder called Downloads, look in the list for an item named MyPC. Click it and now downloads should appear in the big windowpane on the right. Either way double-click the Downloads folder

Now you will see the files you have downloaded. Since you are looking for the most recent one, click on the column heading that has Date in the name (usually Date Modified). Now they will be sorted by the date with the newest at the top. Depending on what the file is used for, you can double-click it to either run or open it.

If the file is not there in Downloads, then you have probably changed, when you downloaded something, the folder where saved to. Here is the easiest way in my opinion to find the file. Go back and start to download the file again. When it gives the pop-up box showing files on your computer and the file name stop, look in the address bar at the top and see what the location is that it is being saved to. Now you can cancel, and in File Explorer go to that location and you can run or open the file. You can change the location saved to if you do not cancel and change the location and save the file, you could fix back to downloads and now the default will be downloads again.

I usually download files to Downloads (like files submitted by students, files that I will work on, etc.), however there are files I save to specific locations, like the bulletin First Methodist sends me each week to email and it is already a pdf file and ready for me to email so I save to the folder for the church. Just the next time I download I must remember to change location or stuff saves to the church folder.

Dwight Watt does computer work for businesses, individuals and organizations and teaches about computers at a college in Northwest Georgia. His website is www.dwightwatt.com. His email address is dwight@dwightwatt.com.

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