You can change the time and date on your computer, but the best thing is to set it to automatic. That way when we go on and off daylight savings time it does it automatically. However, you may need to set the time zone as it is usually pre-set to Pacific time zone and most of my readers are in Eastern time zone.

The time zone is set by default to Pacific time zone as most of the computer companies are based there and do development there.

To change your settings for time in Windows 10, right click the time in the lower right of the screen on the task bar. Choose adjust time/date.

The first option is to set the time automatically. I suggest turning that on and your computer will get the time from the atomic clock in Colorado.

The next option is to set the time zone automatically. This will use your ISP provider and location information in your computer and when I have checked it works. It works well on phones as I travel in changing as I drive down the highway.

The following option is to set the time and date manually which is grayed out if you chose to do automatically. If you do not set the time and date nearly correct by doing manually that can cause problems on your network, so I would recommend do automatically.

The next option to synchronize your clock has your computer send a signal using the Network Time Protocol to get the current time form the Internet and update your clock. This not something you should ever need to do annually as it will regularly do. If you do need to do regularly then most likely your CMOS battery is dying and needs replacing.

The next option is to set your time zone and is grayed out if you chose to do that automatically but does show the time zone it is operating as if in. It should be correct.

The last option I would turn on and that is to set daylight savings time automatically so if you do not need to remember to spring ahead in March and fall back in November.

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